Volunteer Application


All volunteers are responsible for their own actions. All rules apply to volunteers. If a volunteer breaks a rule at any point, he or she will be spoken to and the incident will be noted in our records. After an incident, the volunteer's right to volunteer can be revoked and depending on the incident they may be removed from the convention.


Incidents include, but are not limited to:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Physical Altercations
  • Complaints from staff, volunteers, celebrities, building staff or guests
  • Harassment of any kind
  • Use of alcohol or any other substances is prohibited while on shift during the show or an event. 
  • Destruction/Loss of convention property
  • Theft of property
  • Not following rules of convention staff
  • Leaving your assigned position without approval
  • Asking for free autographs/photos from celebrities or artists
  • Requesting contact information from celebrities. 
  • Inappropriate conduct or interaction with ANY guest, attendee, staff member or volunteer
All volunteers will be required to attend an in-person/zoon orientation and/or training, as well as read and sign a contract with the volunteer rules and expectations.


Q: How old do I have to be to volunteer?

  • A: You must be 18+ to volunteer.

Q: Do I get paid?

  • A: No, these Volenteer positions are not paid BUT you do get a T-shirt and access to Liberty Comic Con all weekend to explore the con when you are not volenteering.

Q: What are the volunteer requirements?

  • A:  A minimum of 2 shifts while the show is open to the public, but volenteers who can do a shift each day will be given priority. Some assignments require a longer commitment as noted below.
    • Information Booth/General Admission: 5+ hour shifts available
    • VIP Registration: 5+ hour shifts available
    • Panels: 5+ hour shifts available
    • Vendor Set-Up and Tear Down:

 Q: What if I am scheduled during a panel or event I want to attend?

  • A: Just bring it up to someone before the convention and we try to accommodate you.

Q. What is the Dress code?

  • A: A T-shirt will be provided.
    • Dress Casual meaning: jeans (without rips or tears), khakis, shorts, knee-length skirts, capri pants, etc..
    • Wear comfortable shoes.
    • Cosplay is permitted but your T-shirt must be worn. Cosplay must be approved in advance to make sure it does not limit your your duties.