5PM - State of Comics w/ bottahub

6PM - Anime Roulette w/ Unlockable Content

7PM - Pudding Time w/ Buu & Hercule

8PM - Quizzo w/ bottahub

9PM - Cards against Humanity w/ Unlockable Content


12PM - Legends Never Die: The Life of JDF w/ Skye Frank

1PM - Anime Roulette w/ Unlockable Content

2PM - Kids Quizzo w/ bottahub

3PM - Philadelphia Smash! The Ultimate MHA Panel

4PM - Quizzo w/ bottahub

5PM - Cosplay Contest

6PM - Will of Fire w/ Catero Colbert & Amanda Miller

7PM - Mario GPS w/ Unlockable Content


12PM - The more you know w/ Derick Snow

1PM - Mario GPS w/ Unlockable Content

2PM - Gear up with Dom & Cole Train!

3PM - Quizzo w/ bottahub

4PM - Pictionary w/ Unlockable Content