Robert McCollum

Robert McCollum has been working in anime for over twenty years, voicing over 300 roles going all the way back to Teen Goten in DRAGONBALL GT. Recent notable work includes Reiner in ATTACK ON TITAN, Stain in My Hero Academia, Donquixote Doflamingo in ONE PIECE, Jellal in FAIRY TAIL, Julius The Wizard King in Black Clover, Kogami in PSYCHOPASS. Rob is also the voice of Axton in BORDERLANDS 2, and has done work for the games ORCS MUST DIE and BORTHERS IN ARMS: EARNED IN BLOOD. In addition to acting, McCollum is a father of two living in Dallas and working as a producer and director of corporate communication and commercials. Among his personal favorite anime roles are Sweden in HETALIA, Date Masamune in SENGOKU BASRA, Mifune in SOUL EATER, Kaze in KAZE NO STIGMA, and his first bad guy, Shinobu Sensui from YU YU HAKUSHO: GHOST FILES. (You always remember your first.)